What CACHAPA stands for
CACHAPA - means tortoise in sanskrit. We chose CACHAPA to be our logo and mascot - because we believe in a slow but steady path to real change is what is needed the most.It also stands for Care Change Participate
Our story
We are a bunch of friends thoroughly tired of not having made a real difference to anyone in our whole lives. Tired of lives lived in our own comfy bubbles. All our conversations ended with the fact that change happens only when people participate. Not one or two but lots. Like really lots.
Thoroughly bored of an IT job where they made him copy/ paste/ code for aprox 20 million times  ( literally)... Sandeep - the guy behind the idea - decided to take a break from IT and started helping out at a friend's NGO. 
After a few months - the main thing that confronted him was that NGOs.. every single one of them - has pretty much the same problem. Lack of awareness and lack of funds. Both of these depend on one thing only - support from people. And the biggest reason that NGOs dont have support from people is a lack of trust.
And thats when the idea hit us - to create a platform which can bring in mass participation from people, each one a small but significant cog but when together a mighty machine of change. 
Enter CACHAPA.org, a social startup built with only one purpose - to connect people with causes they care about. (Know more on how we do this )
Why a T-shirt??
The humble t-shirt may not seem like an agent for change. But we think not. Every CACHAPA t-shirt you wear  - means Rs.100 has gone to someone working to makes things better. And even if a tiny percentage were to wear a CACHAPA tshirt - we would have generated enough funds and awareness to create significant impact in just two weeks.
A t-shirt .. the most common casual wear .. reflects your personal style. It can also show what you believe in. So we want to create what we call as "Cause ambassadors ".People who wear the T shirt, talk about the cause and spread awareness
Know more on How CACHAPA Works

Friends of CACHAPA

CACHAPA.org - is just starting up. And absolutely nothing would have been possible without the incredible effort of these friends. 

So a big thanks to all these folks 

Pooja and Harsha -the awesome doctor couple whose awesome poses will help awesome tigers get their awesome stripes back ! did i just put in too many awesomes ?  awesome !

Sanya Bolia - Social media marketing - whose sense of graphic communication helped us get our first hundred sign ups and likes 

Sreelakshmi - Design wonder - whose last minute intervention saved us from a major embarrassment 

Om and Rashmi -  Rockstar models - whose last minute modelling saved the site form a complete disastrous beginning

Sandeep and Priyanka - Our super models for the current campaign - do they look awesome or what ! 

Somyaa - Too many things to mention which ranges from designing amazing stalls to making fantastic coffee and in general being a pillar of support

Chandramouli - our crack techie and photographer rolled into one (he can code with his right hand while taking pics with this left hand at the same time )